author-reichl_r             Ruth Reichl was restaurant critic for The New York Times and is now editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine. Her book, Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table (Broadway Books), is a humorous, touching, and sometimes heartbreaking memoir, played out within the world of food. The Chicago Sun-Times called the book “a poignant, yet hilarious, collection of stories about people (Reichl) has known and loved, and who steered her on her path to fulfill her destiny as one of the world¹s leading food writers.” Born into a family whose culinary efforts frequently went sadly awry, Reichl discovered at an early age that food could be a way of making sense of the world, and that watching people as they ate told you a great deal about who they were. Before moving to The New York Times, she served as restaurant critic at The Los Angeles Times (1984-1993), food editor at The Los Angeles Times (1990-1993), restaurant critic at New West and California magazines (1977-1993) and chef and co-owner of the Swallow Restaurant in Berkeley, California (1974-1977). Ruth Reichl was interviewed at Kentucky Author Forum by Susan Stamberg, special correspondent for National Public Radio. In honor of Ms. Reichl, the traditional dinner following the Author Forum interview, was a “Chef’s Collaborative Dinner” featuring local Louisville chefs from Blue Dog Bakery & Café, Bristol Catering, The Brown Camberly Hotel, Cheddar Box Café of Middletown, Jack Fry’s, Lilly’s, and The Seelbach Hilton Hotel. stamberg