Dr. David Kessler, the head of the Food and Drug Administration who gave American’s stricter food labeling and who battled big tobacco over regulation and cover-ups, will be guest of the Kentucky Author Forum on April 2, 2001 in Louisville. Kessler will discuss his new book A Question of Intent (Public Affairs).

Kessler’s book recounts the FDA’s secret investigation, which uncovered the intention of the tobacco companies to increase addiction in smokers by manipulating the level of nicotine in cigarettes. This discovery permitted the FDA to focus on nicotine as a drug.

A Question of Intent is a gripping detective story that shows what it takes to tackle the biggest issues of public concern today. It traces Kessler’s drive to make AIDS drugs more easily available and the probe of Sudafed tampering in Seattle. It describes the historic efforts to investigate the tobacco industries hidden research and strategy under his impassioned leadership. At the height of this intense political struggle, tobacco questions ultimately involved every branch of the federal government.

Kessler is now the dean of the Yale University School of Medicine, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, the University of Chicago Law School and Amherst College. His appointment by President George Bush in 1990 was continued under President Clinton until he resigned in 1997. His articles have appeared in many prominent journals including Scientific American andJournal of the American Medical Association.

The forum will enable audiences to hear first hand from the author whose moral courage led U.S. News & World Report to compare Kessler to the protagonists of the classic American stories Mr. Smith Goes to Washingtonand To Kill a Mockingbird.

At the evening forum, legal analyst Roger Cossack, co-host of CNN’s daily award-winning “Burden of Proof,” will interview David Kes