Jane Bryant Quinn is one of America’s leading commentators on personal finance, with syndicated columns read nationwide. She writes a weekly feature for Newsweek, is a best-selling author, and an Emmy Award-winning television personality, as well. In 1997 she came to Kentucky Author Forum to discussMaking the Most of Your Money…Completely Revised and Updated for the 21st Century(Simon & Schuster). This new version of her classic 1991 financial planning guide was designed to help investors consider a wider menu of investment choices in a changing economy.

Jane Bryant Quinn was interviewed at Kentucky Author Forum by Marshall Loeb, former editor of the Columbia Journalism Review. Currently Senior Correspondent and a member of the Advisory Board of CBS, a leading financial and business news service on the net, he is also a daily commentator on CBS Radio Network. He joined Time Magazine n 1956 as a writer, rising over the years to Business Editor and Nation Editor. He later became Managing Editor of Money (1980-84) and Managing Editor of Fortune (1986-94).

Both Quinn and Loeb are recipients of the Gerald Loeb Lifetime Achievement Award for distinguished business and financial journalism.