Contemporary American theater’s most beloved and prolific playwright, Neil Simon, was the guest of the Kentucky Author Forum in 1996, with his first book, Rewrites (Simon and Schuster). Simon, who has written 30 plays, 27 of which have become films, is the recipient of three Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for Lost in Yonkers.

Rewrites traces the anguish of Simon’s childhood, his steady rise from his teenage years teaming with his older brother to write material for comics, and his earliest jobs writing television scripts for Sid Caesar and Phil Silvers. The book also recalls his development as a serious playwright, scoring big hits such as The Odd Couple, Barefoot in the Park, The Goodbye Girl, The Sunshine Boys, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and many more.

Neil Simon was interviewed at Kentucky Author Forum by Jon Jory, then in his 28th year as producing director of Actors Theatre of Louisville.